Routine Immunisation Awareness Campaigns at Sarvodaya Ashram, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh

We were lucky to visit Sarvodaya Ashram in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh which works for the underprivileged and poor communities there for our Routine Immunisation Awareness Campaign.

The hall was filled with women from nearby villages who mostly do social work for their communities. We were surprised to see many young girls present in the session who are the students of Sarvodaya Senior Secondary Residential School present in the same vicinity.

In this session we had a great opportunity to indulge and have conversation with women of various age groups to whom we shared the importance and impact of immunisation. At the end of the session, they all pledged to spread the word about the importance of immunisation in their own communities. We are so happy to see these women working with us for immunisation and contribute to a better healthy world. Sharing a small clip where girls and women take an oath to raise awareness about immunisation.

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