The Solution is in an Entrepreneurial Revolution

A WASH revolution is taking place that will enable disadvantaged women to join forces as cooperative entrepreneurs. Together, they are learning to earn lasting livelihoods by producing household toilets and other life-saving necessities whilst also learning how to help lead entire regions towards realizing the vision of WASH for all. 

Through their entrepreneurial efforts, these women meet increased WASH demands, through being trained to build and operate toilets and hand-washing stations to reduce the number of children who suffer unnecessarily from deadly WASH-related diseases. 

Our WASH Revolutionaries work to trigger demand for improved WASH conditions as educators and motivators in their own right, thus growing family incomes, improving community health, and saving lives as their neighbors become customers.

A Model Proven by Past Successes

Case studies have demonstrated that women, when enabled to produce and sell their own WASH provisions, can demonstrate tremendous success in their ventures, triggering community demand for improved WASH through their entrepreneurial drive.


Social Impact

In Uttarakhand, India, GIWA’s Women for WASH Programme is launching in some of the mountainous state’s most disadvantaged areas.
Here, women come together as never before to not only make an income, but to lead the way towards great and lasting change. Together, through their drive and effort, they have been inspired, trained and empowered to take their messages, and their wares and services, from community to community, home to home and heart to heart, until their local revolution against pollution, hardship and disease has been won.