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GIWA’s WASH on Wheels Programme is a historic first to unite the behavior-influencing power of faith with conventional educational methods to educate, trigger and empower the masses – village by village, region by region – so that they may be compelled to build and use toilets, wash their hands and conserve our nation’s dwindling and increasingly-polluted water resources.

Using our two beautiful trucks, WASH on Wheels opens up to become a travelling, self-contained theatre, which delivers fun, interactive and very inspiring programmes wherever it goes: from enormous gatherings to small villages.

Inspiring Masses

With puppet shows

Its innovative approach harnesses the powerful voices of the leaders of India’s major faiths alongside interventions developed to inspire and mobilize entire communities for lasting change. In so doing, WASH on Wheels’ on-board social worker and outreach team leads community and school programmes towards embracing the importance of toilets and other WASH essentials.

Fun Stories

For every age

Activities include beautiful live puppet and street theater shows, the screening of videos featuring motivational messages by faith leaders, WASH-Centric Games, Community Forums, Sanitation Walks and more. During follow-up programmes, other important WASH topics, such as the importance of washing hands, are also discussed, to help ensure the well-being of the entire community.

Unique Education Initiataive

A Historic First

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