Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability with UNICEF

An Initiative In Partnership With UNICEF INDIA

GIWA and UNICEF have forged a powerful and expanded partnership, recognizing the immense influence of faith in addressing critical issues like Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (CCES), as well as promoting Covid Appropriate Behaviour. To effectively engage communities, we have adopted a multifaceted approach, beginning with meeting the basic needs of underprivileged individuals. Leveraging faith-based strategies, we communicate, inspire, and foster long-lasting behavior change through impactful large-scale events with inspiring messaging. Our collaborative efforts involve active participation from four major faith partners who mobilize their communities to create a profound impact.

One groundbreaking aspect of this partnership is the creation of the ‘Vasundhara Climate Toolkit,’ a first-of-its-kind resource designed to empower kathakars and other faith leaders. This toolkit serves as a catalyst for behavior change during some of the country’s largest religious gatherings. In its first edition, the toolkit focused on interpreting narratives from Hindu mythology, effectively presenting pro-environmental ideals and behaviors to the masses. We envision expanding the scope of this toolkit in future editions, encompassing stories from various faiths to reach a broader audience.

The impact of this partnership has been remarkable, with over one hundred thousand individuals across multiple regions of India were sensitized in the first year alone. Moving forward, we are working to further expand our reach and that of our partners to make sustained and lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals through promoting sustainability, and fostering a collective commitment to protecting our environment, building off the incredible assets we have developed.