Each woman spends approximately 7 years of her life menstruating! Yet how much attention do we, as a society pay, to this critical time, each month in the lives of our sisters, mothers and daughters?

The Global Interfaith WASH Alliance is paying attention.

Tragically, in India more than 75% of girls have to stay home on the 5-7 days a month of their menstrual cycles,

and nearly 1 in 5  girls end up dropping out of school entirely at puberty (UNICEF).


Simply because they do not have access to menstrual supplies that enable them to leave their homes, or because they don’t have access to menstrual hygiene and health education to even know how to properly take care of themselves during their period. Global Interfaith WASH Alliance is committed to ensuring that girls receive the education and empowerment to navigate these days of their lives with pride not shame, with joy not sorrow, with personal power not helplessness.

We have been engaged deeply in campaigns to break the silence and end the taboo!

In collaboration with WSSCC (now Sanitation Hygiene Fund) and other committed partners, we have successfully executed extensive campaigns, staged impactful events, and organized rallies during the Kumbha Mela, as well as large-scale kathas and immensely attended gatherings during our Ganga Aarti ceremonies.
Our comprehensive campaign has encompassed Menstrual Hygiene Learning Labs, innovative pop-up education facilities, along with on-the-ground training on menstrual hygiene and health in schools and communities.
Through our persistent efforts, we are actively fostering transformative shifts in societal perceptions surrounding menstruation.
Menstrual Hygiene Labs were designed and created to offer a safe space for young girls and women, as well as men and boys, to discuss menstruation and to learn more about it. It is hoped that the facility will also inspire visitors to return to their communities and neighborhoods to break the taboos and stigmas associated with the menstruation process.
We also conduct a Menstrual Hygiene Management sessions to empower women with crucial knowledge about menstrual hygiene. Our dedicated GIWA team also provides informative guidance and distributed menstrual products, including eco-friendly reusable sanitary napkins, 3 reusable cloth pads, and a convenient pouch in communities to end period poverty and save the planet. Our partners have also undertaken training sessions with women in our women’s centers in partnership with the Divine Shakti Foundation to enable women to begin to produce reusable sanitary pads as a livelihood source.