GIWA’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the country went under lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance and Parmarth Niketan have been actively engaged in helping in a way possible, and has continued to serve both those within the ashram as well as those under lockdown in the surrounding area.  Some of our service has included:

Organizing the Interfaith Response to Coronavirus

The Global Interfaith WASH Alliance and Parmarth Niketan, in partnership with UNICEF, UNFPA, WSSCC, Eros Now, Sanskar Channel and other organizations, have brought together eminent faith leaders of the Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh and Buddhist community on the faith response to COVID-19, including:

Interfaith Response to COVID-19 Webinar
Proactive Faith Leadership in Times of Crisis in Africa and India in Responding to Covid-19 Webinar
Earth Day 2020: Planting Seeds for a New Normal Panel
Ramazan, Jaan Aur Jahan Webinar
Africa’s Faith Leadership in Times of Crisis: Ramadan Response to COVID-19 Panel
Maintaining an Aviral (Free Flowing) and Nirmal (Clean) Ganga Post COVID-19 Special Ganga Dussehra Webinar
World Environment Day 2020: United Nations to a United Creation Webinar
Global Handwashing Day Webinar

These gatherings aim to inspire leaders to inspire their communities to behave responsibly during this time, teach proper ways to stop the spread of the virus, eliminate any misconceptions about who can be infected, and erase any stigmas between race or religions.

Additionally, in partnership with UNICEF, UNFPA, and WSSCC, GIWA has put together videos from faith leaders regarding the response to COVID-19 for massive social media sharing, to use the power of faith to encourage people to make smart decisions with regard to their health and safety, as well as the health of their community, the nation, and the world.   This includes messages from faith leaders on topics such as staying at home, stopping the spread, and taking the pandemic seriously, and reminding people that the coronavirus doesn’t impact only people of a certain religion or race. 

These videos aim to remove any stigma or discrimination against people or groups of people surrounding the coronavirus, as such discrimination only further creates borders and boundaries in this global fight against the virus.

Feeding the Hungry

From the very beginning of the lockdown, we have been engaged in feeding the hungry. It began with feeding the hundreds of sadhus and homeless sisters and brothers.  Click here to read more!

Providing Food Rations

We have been providing food rations for approximately 2,000 families, sending families months’ worth of supplies including grains, flours, cooking oil, tea, salt, and spices.

Swami Shukdevanand Hospital, Nature Cure Centers & Yoga Halls at Parmarth Niketan

We have offered both the ashram’s Swami Shukdevanand Hospital, Nature Cure Center, and Yoga Hall spaces to the government to use for the treatment of patients with the coronavirus or for quarantine.

Preparing Personal Protective Suits (PP Suits) in Partnership with Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind

In partnership with Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, 10,000 PP suits are being prepared for the frontline workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Inspiring Messages in the Time of Coronavirus

During this uncertain time of the coronavirus, all of the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance is sending our heartfelt prayers to everyone around the world.

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