Investigate, promote & Implement

Climate Change Abatement

GIWA is working actively with partners to investigate, promote and implement technologies and programmes that can help control the impacts of climate change and protect the environment, populations and reduce the use of precious natural resources.  Our work includes mass tree plantations, clean-up programmes, the implementation of solar energy, solid waste management systems, sewage treatment systems, organic farming, policy advocacy and more.

Creating changes in paradigms

‘Mission LiFE’ Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles - Together With UNICEF India

Our unwavering commitment lies in promoting sustainable lifestyles and behaviors in harmony with the Government of India’s Mission LiFE. A significant part of our work is done in collaboration with UNICEF India. Together, we engage in various activities to create a lasting impact, both in India and worldwide. Our communication campaigns reach people from all walks of life, raising awareness at mass events, conferences, and  and organizing massive flagship events including for International Human Solidarity Day, inspiring individuals to work towards a healthier and greener future. Our world-renowned Ganga Aarti serves as a powerful platform to engage and motivate people to mass pledge towards responsible practices. Additionally, we take immense pride in jointly developing a first-of-its-kind toolkit with UNICEF India to sensitize Hindu faith leaders on this crucial India-led global mass movement, and empower them to use key stories in Hindu mythology interpreted to encourage a rise in environmental consciousness.

Through these endeavors, we empower communities, inspire responsible actions, and contribute to a sustainable future for all, making the vision of Mission LiFE a reality. For more information, please visit

Green Technologies

GIWA implements green technologies to address environmental and public health issues. Efforts are made to treat sewage and drinking water to prevent pollution and improve access to clean water. Solid waste management is tackled through innovative systems that require minimal investment and produce neutral ash. Additionally, GIWA introduces eco-friendly Bio-Digester toilets to improve sanitation in schools and public places. These initiatives aim to have a positive impact on the environment, public health, and community well-being.

One Child, One Tree

GIWA is working with schools to get as many children to plant as many trees as possible in their schools.  With the One Child, One Tree Program, each child is inspired not only to plant a tree, but also taught how to care for and be committed to their tree, broadening children’s environmental consciousness.

Planting Thousands of Trees

In these days of global climate change, pollution, growing populations and resource depletion, trees provide a crucial answer: cleaning the air, providing fresh water, cooling surrounding temperatures and providing food, medicine and shelter for countless species. GIWA has thus made the plantation of trees a priority.

Over the past 10 years we have directly planted or planted through our partnerships almost ONE MILLION trees, with countless more being planted due to the inspiration from our work. One noteworthy case exists where one man was directly inspired to plant 70,000 trees and start his own green yatra.  These trees have been planted throughout the Himalayan regions in Uttarakhand as well as in several drought-prone areas of India such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. We have conducted widespread plantations in partnership with state governments, NGOs and other faith leaders.

Aman Ekta Hariyali Yatra

The Aman Ekta Haryali Yatra, organized by the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind (JUH), Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA), Parmarth Niketan, and the Jamiat Youth Club, brought Hindu and Muslim faith communities together to take climate action, combating together the devastating effects of environmental degradation and climate change.

Total approximate number of trees to date we have personally planted, planted in partnership with other organizations, or directly inspired and guided to be planted

On the banks of the Rispana river with Government of Uttarakhand


In Uttarakhand in partnership with HDFC and Sankalp Taru


During week-long Haryali Yatra pilgrimage


In Rajasthan through inspiring devotees


In flood-impacted Smriti van


Given to local schools and institutions to plant at time of Kumbha Mela

5,000 at Ujjain Kumbha 2016 - 25,000 at Prayag Raj 2019 - 15,000 at Haridwar 2016 and 2021


Given to Government of Uttarakhand for plantation


Saplings sent to Uttarkashi to be planted by forest department

Approximately 2,500 trees a year for last 10+ years


Given at Ganga aarti and other functions

Approximately 5 trees a day x 365 days a year x last 10+ years


For Pujya Swamiji’s entering 70th year Summer of 2021


Rishikesh railway station and surrounding areas


Saplings given to Patanjali yoga peeth for planting


In nursery for gifting to individuals and organizations and for our own large-scale plantation initiatives


to plant trees

Each evening on the banks of the sacred Ganga river, during the evening prayer time called “Aarti” we lead all of the participants, numbering from the several hundred to the several thousand, in a participatory pledge to protect and preserve our natural environment, to plant trees, to end the use of single use plastic, to stop pollution, to save our water and in general to be stewards of planetary care. Many people report leaving these mass pledges inspired to take action in their lives.

Over the last decade, we have gifted approximately 175,000 ready-to-plant tree saplings to special guests, dignitaries and awardees during our evening Ganga aarti as well as during numerous stage events and functions to inspire and encourage everyone to plant trees!