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CLEAN & FREE-FLOWING RIVER GANGA AND A Water-Secure Future for all

The following projects are being done through a joint initiative between Global Interfaith WASH Alliance and Ganga Action Parivar (Global Family for the River Ganga).

As sister organizations, GIWA and GAP have worked together for many years on many projects and initiatives, however the following projects are specific initiatives related directly to the health of the Ganga River and the people who live on her banks.

The efforts of Global Interfaith WASH Alliance are being supported lovingly through the River Ganga Song by Snatam Kaur, featuring Deva Premal, Krishna Das, Manose, C.C. White Soul Kirtan, Todd Boston, and Ramesh Kannan. These world-renowned musicians, many of whom are Grammy nominated, are uniting from diverse backgrounds because of their love for the Ganga and her people. This song is available on all major streaming services.



Through the power of togetherness, we have already planted thousands of trees in the Ganga-Himalayas. With your support, we can bring even more beauty and healing to this enchanted land.

Trees are truly the gift that keep giving. During one year, a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange. Their strong roots can hold the soil in place and prevent landslides which plaque the Himalayan region, casting homes, shops, hotels, roads and even entire villages into the swollen waters of the river during monsoon season.

Through the process of transpiration, their leaves can literally “breathe” fresh water into the sky, which cools the air around us, and can fall back down on parched land as rain.

Each tree planted by us is carefully selected and cared for in crucial locations. As they grow, they create a serene and green future for our Mother Ganga, and the countless people and natural wonders that depend on Her.



We are working to bring the gift of sanitation and hygiene to countless schools and beneficiaries in India by providing clean and hygienic toilet facilities and hand-washing stations, so that no one is left behind in access to safe and sufficient WASH facilities. By providing this basic infrastructure we are striving to offer the vital gift of health and hygiene to all. 

We have been building and providing hundreds of toilets across the region. Your contribution can help enable even more deserving students and communities to have access to all-natural biodigester toilets. Almost miraculously, these eco-toilets convert waste into safe and effective fertilizer, as well as clean biogas that can be used to illuminate households. Most importantly, your gift will protect people in great need, while also helping to ensure the banks of the Ganga River are kept clean and pristine.

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Help us in ensuring our holy Ganga River is enabled to flow without the threat of unseemly pollution.

Every day, a tragic 3 billion litres of sewage overflows into the River Ganga. We’ve been working hard to change this in many ways, including through the provision of treatment technologies and infrastructure for villages in need.

Through your valuable contribution, even more areas alongside the Ganga can be supported in treating unhealthy sewage waste, rather than allowing it to enter our holy river. 

We are working to promote and sustain new and promising green technologies that can keep our waterways clean and promote sustainable lifestyles by addressing some of India’s greatest environmental challenges. These technologies will address wastewater, solid waste and agricultural pollution that the River Ganga and her tributaries are plagued with. 

Additionally, in many areas the monthly fee for many people to connect their homes to the municipal sewage line is too much for them.  Your gift can help sponsor families to connect their homes to the municipal line so it can be treated rather than flowing untreated into Ganga.

In other places families can be provided eco-friendly systems that can turn sewage into clean and healthy water through safe, chemical free, and all-natural processes. Your gift can make a lasting difference.

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In Himalayas, water must be collected – usually by women – from areas far from the villages.  Women carry water for miles, a heavy task that takes hours each day and is detrimental to their health.  Through your contribution, we are able to sponsor WaterWheels in these villages, a device that allows women to roll 50 liters of water to their homes instead of carrying it on their heads.  We are also able to sponsor, in Himalayan villages that do not have access to a water source nearby, filters that extract clean, secure water from the air.

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Vast areas near the Ganga are being deforested as communities seek wood for cooking. While degrading the health and beauty of the Ganga-Himalayas, the cooking fires themselves can cause extensive air pollution and can be deadly for the women who bend over them all day. Through your contribution, villages alongside the banks of the Ganga will be provided with solar power for school or communal kitchens. Where solar is not feasible, they will be provided with alternative, eco-friendly cook stoves that can protect the environment, and save countless trees.