Interfaith Humanitarian Network

Through its Interfaith Humanitarian Network Programme, GIWA works with partners such as Ganga Action Parivar, Divine Shakti Foundation, and Parmarth Niketan bring together civil society, medical professionals and dedicated volunteers as one team to facilitate rescue efforts and inspire long-term green rehabilitation and reconstruction for disaster affected regions. From the Orissa Cyclone in 1999 to the Gujarat Earthquake of 2001 to the South Indian tsunami of 2004, to the Uttarakhand Floods of 2013 and the Nepal Earthquake of 2015 The GIWA has come forward to address immediate health and WASH related needs, build orphanages and rebuild damaged and destroyed schools. In order to promote the long term recovery of areas GIWA builds vocational training centers and other programs for affected and impoverished villagers giving them hope for an even brighter future following devastation.

Action where it matters

Nurturing & Empowering

Through utilizing GIWA’s expertise and capacity, IHN’s focus includes empowering schools with WASH-friendly technologies and disaster-proofed construction techniques, and additional long term recovery efforts such as planting fruit plantations in schools. In doing so, we are working towards enabling the vision for clean water and to protect and nurture the health of children in disaster-stricken areas.

IHN enables devastated populations to return to self-sufficiency.

IHN, in collaboration with GIWA and DSF, implements comprehensive vocational skills training and women’s empowerment programs in disaster-affected areas, aiming to restore self-sufficiency among affected populations. These initiatives encompass diverse activities such as water-saving organic farming, construction training, water filter production, sewing, tailoring, weaving, handicrafts, vocational classes in schools, and more. By aligning livelihood rebuilding efforts with local cultural values, these programs contribute to poverty reduction and prioritize the enhancement of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH).

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