World UNITY Week Global Policy Online Event

Secretary-General of the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, Pujya Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji joined a powerful and necessary World UNITY Week Global Policy event that included Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Anne Poelina, Linda Tucker, Gidon Bromberg , Dr. Tebaldo Vinciguerra, Juanita Ariza Guzmán, Ambassador Mussie Hailu and Dr. Shelley Ostroff and that beautifully put Water First as the focus of our collective attention, under the capable moderation of UNITY EARTH’s Ben Bowler.

It’s so important that we create a unified global policy for protecting and restoring our planetary Waters. Water is Life. The current and imminent water shortage is a global catastrophe that needs a global solution. We must change and adjust and adapt our ways of eating and shopping and dressing and traveling, of living, of working…there are so many ways for us collectively to protect and preserve water. And, together, so many ways to ensure that we are all safe and secure and healthy.

Watch now this timely and inspiring event! Let’s commit, together, to change and adjust and adapt, so that we and our future generations can not just survive, but thrive!

About GIWA

GIWA is the globe’s first organization to bring together the leaders of all faiths and people from across India and around the world to inspire a planet where everyone, everywhere can have access to sustainable and healthy water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

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