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The World Toilet College is serving to usher forth fascinating discussions covering the gamut of sanitation discourse. 

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About the World Toilet College

 In order to respond to India’s sanitation needs, it is crucial to ensure that professionals are trained in the required skills and knowledge, including building toilets, triggering behavior change within communities, toilet cleaning and maintenance, eco-sanitation, waste management, and vocational capacities.  It is also crucial that awareness is raised nationwide towards the universal embracing of clean and healthy sanitation and hygiene for everyone, everywhere.

In 2015, The Global Interfaith Wash Alliance (GIWA), Reckitt Benckiser (RB) and the World Toilet Organization (WTO) came together to launch the World Toilet College (WTC) for the first time in India.  There, it opened its doors at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, where it is being implemented by the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, in alignment with the Swachh Bharat Mission’s crucial goals.

The World Toilet College’s partnership with RB is reflective of the distinguished corporation’s laudable, demonstrated commitment to enabling Swachh Bharat Mission goals to be realized for a healthier, cleaner India. And it is thanks in great part to this true partnership that WTC’s  dynamic and diverse series of courses have been successfully established and appreciated by thousands of students from across India and around the world.

Also as a result of our work together,  WTC participants have benefitted from its motivated team of professional educators, outreach workers, coordinators, and partners. At the same time, broader outreach to the general public has raised the visibility of the mission of the World Toilet College, while increasing public commitments towards improved sanitation for India.

Through its targeted educational initiatives, the World Toilet College provides local populations, governmental officials, professionals, budding entrepreneurs and others with the skills and knowledge they need to improve their communities, environment and nation.

The World Toilet College is also working diligently to equip a new generation of professionals and community members with the tools, knowledge and techniques they need in order to realize a unified vision for a clean and healthy India. 



People directly educated in one year


Outreach programs & workshops Held


Teachers as Sanitation ambassadors

0 +

Participated in WTC's mass events


Classes and Workshops

From handson evaluations of natural and conventional toilet and sewage management systems, to low- to high-tech cleaning methods, to the latest findings in behaviour change communications and community triggering and beyond, The World Toilet College is enabling challenges to be addressed as never before.

2017/2018 Class Season

2,356 People Were Directly Educated in one year alone

66 Classes, Mobilizations/Outreach Programme and Multi-Day Workshops Held

752 Pradhans, Teachers and Community Leaders from Bihar Educated as Sanitation Ambassadors and Masons

1,613World Toilet College Participants Educated in Uttarakhand

105 Men and Women Educated in Toilet Building/Masonry

96.69% of Participants who rated WTC classes as “Good to Excellent” in terms of being useful and effective

4000+ People Participated in WTC’s in Mass Events

97.36% Found discussions and interactions during their training as helpful and interactive

95.89% Said their training improved their views on the importance of clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)

95.86% Enjoyed their training as a whole

96.69% Found their training programme useful & effective

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