WaterSchool students taught and sensitized about the World Water Crisis

Throughout the month of September 2018, our GIWA team taught and sensitized WaterSchool students about the World Water Crisis. They learned how Humans are the main cause of this problem due to water overuse and misuse, creating a massive problem not only for mankind but all creatures, flora and fauna.

The WaterSchool team showed videos and posters on how we pollute our water sources, so students can understand easily that even our simple negligence in day to day life can affect our present and future when it comes to water. Through a recollection of old songs, poems and stories related to water children understood how this precious resource has been essential in the life of every generation before and after us.

By small group activities and experiments, the children were shown how water conflict is arising in many cities and places around the world, like Cape town’s Day zero and Water train in India, and how we are polluting our underground water sources.

With the goal of declaring UNESCO Ganga as World Heritage Site in mind, the students for the -they also wrote their thoughts and appeals on stopping pollution on the Ganga, why they love the Ganga and its importance.

During the month of September the GIWA team worked with schools all across Rishikesh to teach children how important it is to start saving water immediately and how one small effort can create a difference in the whole World. Children were also given the mission to spread this message of water saving among their families, friends and neighborhood and act like agents of change being Water Ambassadors.

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