WASH on Wheels at NSS Girls’ Camp

WASH on Wheels at NSS Girls Camp in parmarth niketan

When the National Service Scheme brought 104 girl students from Rishikesh P.G. College to Parmarth Niketan for a residential training camp, GIWA used this opportunity to sensitize the trainees about issues related to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) through its mobile educational platform, the WASH on Wheels truck. On 19.2.17, the GIWA-WASH on Wheels team set up its LED TV in the training hall where the NSS girls, accompanied by their coordinators, attentively watched a series of motivational videos on WASH. The video screenings were interspersed with discussions between the GIWA educators and the participants on the link between sanitation and public health, the need for behavioral change and the role of citizen leadership in creating a Swachh Bharat (Clean India).

A short interaction with Ms. Cornelia De Lange and Mr. Martinus Den Blanken, leading water management experts from the Netherlands, made the occasion even more memorable. Both the guests addressed the participants on the need for careful protection of water resources, citing examples from their own country’s situation and comparing it with the challenges faced in India. Their comments drew enthusiastic applause from the audience. The visitors lauded GIWA’s efforts to sensitize public opinion through its programmes.

GIWA Team: R. C. Shah, Shruti, Vishal Guests: Ms. Cornelia De Lange, Mr. Martinus Den Blanken (The Netherlands)

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