Toilet Building 101 with Women for WASH at Laldhang: Finishing of the Toilets

Toilet painting in Laldhang

Ladies from GIWA’s Women for WASH programme got together to finish the two twin-pit toilets they had built during the Toilet Building 101 course at Laldhang village in Haridwar district. The ladies finished whitewashing the walls of the toilets and decorated them with designs in different colours. Dipping their hands in pink paint, they left impressions of their palms on the toilet walls—symbolically re-affirming the Women for WASH slogan, “Hope is in our hands”. They scraped away the excess cement from the toilet seats and washed down the newly completed structures. The toilets were then handed over to the respective house-owners. Samuel Herbert from GIWA used this occasion to educate and motivate the ladies about constituting Self Help Groups and earning sustainable livelihoods through building toilets.

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