Rishikumars Learn Importance of Water from Our Swarovski WaterSchool Curriculum

Recently our GIWA Volunteers taught two lessons on the Importance of Water from our Swarovski WaterSchool Curriculum to our young Rishikumars at the Parmarth Gurukul. During the class the Rishikumars learned about the water cycle or “jal chakra,” water surface tension and its importance for life on earth, as well as water conservation.

One of our GIWA Educators explained to the children that 97% of water on our planet cannot be used for consumption or for washing, as it is saline water found in our oceans. The remaining 2% is frozen in glaciers, leaving only 1% useful for us. They emphasised the importance of protecting and conserving the small percentage of water we have.

The Rishikumars then enjoyed an experiment demonstrating water’s surface tension, which was done by covering a glass full of water with a piece of mesh and turning it upside down. They were excited to discover that due to waters property of surface tension, the water stayed in the glass. The class ended with a visit from our ferocious Kachhra (Trash) Monster, who told the Rishikumars to keep the environment clean and to be hygienic to prevent all diseases! The Rishikumars playfully pushed the Kachhra Monster right out of the building!

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