Mass Clean Up for the Rambha River

The GIWA team organized a Mass Clean Up at the Shivaji Nagar community, on the outskirts of Rishikesh.

With the help of Women’s Groups and WaterSchool children, we started the cleanliness drive with a procession from the community’s entry point. This group of committed citizens rallied for the protection of the Ganga, appealing to the population for proper waste management and correct effluent discharge.

One of the issues faced by this community is the misplacement of garbage and they incited people to make the correct us of the designated dustbins along with the separation of dry and wet waste.

This community income is strongly dependent of milk production, leading to livestock waste production that is being discharged inappropriately in the Rambha River. The rally slogans tried to call out the attention for this issue and its impacts on the health of the Holly Ganga and the community itself.

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