Green Technologies

From Clean Water to Solid Waste Management, GIWA helps implement green technologies that leave a positive impact on environment and lives.

Turning Sewage Points to Selfie Points

GIWA is implementing GeoTube systems, which quickly purify drains and other sources of pollution from contaminants, leaving clean water as a result. GIWA is also working to investigate micro Sewage Treatment Plants, which treat sewage on-site while requiring very little land.

Waste to Wealth


Ending Solid Waste Mismanagement

Rishikesh’s first Waste to Wealth technology, the Kill Waste, Fuel Free Solid Waste Disposal System was inaugurated by GIWA alongside the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat. 

This Kill Waste Solid Waste system is different from conventional incinerators in that it requires minimum investment, utilizes no fuel, has no maintenance, requires no technicians and uses simple equipment. The machine effectively disposes of dry and wet waste without odour and harmful gas. The output of kill waste is neutral ash, which has been neutralized by activated charcoal, which can be used as fertilizer.


Eco-Friendly Public and School Bio- Toilets

GIWA is working with organizations such as India’s Department of Defense Research Organisation (DRDO) to introduce new toilet technologies, such as Bio-Digester toilets, to schools and public places. In such a way, communities can be introduced to new advances in sanitation and all may benefit from improved access to toilets.

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