Aiming to address issues like sanitation, child protection, education and malnutrition in West Bengal, the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance and  today brought together faith leaders from all major religions and tribal leaders across West Bengal.

Around 50 faith leaders including Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA) Co-Founder/Co-Chair, HH Pujya  Saraswati, today participated at the consultation meeting and decided to set up a steering committee and an action plan to address the issues.

“We are trying to involve all the religious and tribal leaders across in this matter. This network will reach out to the remote corners and use their influence to work towards health, sanitation, child protection, education and malnutrition,” Pujya Swamiji said.

In fact, the move will entail using regional prayers, Ganga sagar melas, musical ‘jalsas’ towards the objective of reaching out to all sections, he said.