Bringing change with faith.

Today, India is undergoing a WASH crisis that is largely responsible for the deaths of more children under the age of five than anywhere else in the world. Over 60% of Indians do not have access to toilets. The poor WASH conditions of India result in a stunning loss of $53.8 billion in economic activity, or about 6.8% of its GDP.

Dear Divine Souls,

I’ll never forget the day the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance was founded in my mind.

I was walking alongside the beautiful banks of the River Ganga (Ganges), only to find few places to step, because everywhere I looked, there was human waste. Some 400 million people at the time were dependent on the Ganga, and I reflected sadly that far too many were being forced to drink and bathe in the waste of their neighbours upstream.

It was then I realized that it was more important to build toilets than to build temples.

Our Work

Since its launch, GIWA has been working tirelessly to help bring about the vision of water, sanitation and hygiene for all.


4000 people trained
By Word Toilet College
Guiness World Record Created
With 200,000 Signatures for girl child
Over 10,000 students educated
By WaterSchool Initiative

Currently Funding

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Water School


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Help impact schools from remotest regions in India to have clean water, washrooms and basic clean facilities.

Plant a Tree


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With a goal to plant 300,000 trees by 2020, every small contribution from you will support building green India.

Build Toilets


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Hundreds of villages, towns and cities across multiple districts need toilets. Help us build them.