GIWA helped to organize a Women’s Sanitation Rally at Kale Ki Dhal slum in Rishikesh. Banners, posters and flags were arranged and a route map was finalised for the rally, covering open defecation, garbage dumping and open sewage sites. Some young school students also asked to go along with their mothers in the rally, and supported this event with their talents. They recited poems on sanitation and chanted Swachhta slogans that they had learnt by heart.

The rally stopped at many places that had sanitation issues. The participants made the local residents aware that their habits would cost their families and children dear in terms of health and safety. Ladies from the rally group also knocked on the doors of others who had not turned up for the event, and told them what they were missing.

After the rally, the participants sat down to discuss the different sanitation issues which they had observed in and around their locality. The GIWA team interacted with them about safe sanitation practices and how, if even one household is not following these, the whole community is impacted. Children were also addressed about school sanitation and told how they can spread these messages in their peer groups.

GIWA Team:  Samuel, RC, Vishal, Pooja, Shruti