Pujya Swamiji met with Hon’ble Shri Giriraj Singhji, the Minister of State for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India, formally a minister in the Government of Bihar, in Delhi today. Pujya Swamiji spoke to him about His recent visit to Bihar and the great potential and responsibility that the states through which the National Ganga River passes through have in preserving and conserving their sacred and finite water resources. He also spoke to him about His vision and plans of developing Green Corridors, along both sides of the river bed, which would be no-construction, organic, eco-friendly zones, developed in such a way that when the river’s water passes by the plants, shrubs and trees it not only gets cleaned from any contaminants but also gets added health promoting, healing properties.

They also spoke extensively about livelihoods training and Pujya Swamiji invited him to the upcoming inauguration of Divine Shakti Foundation’s livelihoods centre in Triyuginarayan. They discussed ways in which they could scale up livelihoods services to impact and positively influence the lives of so many women all across India.

They discussed ways in which the Government of India’s Swachh Bharat Mission and GIWA’s crusade for improved WASH could actually generate more jobs and and provide respectful, dignified and secure source of income for so many Indians, especially supporting the unemployed and disadvantaged communities, while simultaneously bringing about a major and much needed revolution. They discussed various other topics, including the hugely successful, recent International Yoga Festival at Parmarth Niketan, during their fruitful and dynamic meeting. Hon’ble Shri Giriraj Singhji was deeply touched, inspired and sincerely looked forward to meeting with Pujya Swamiji again very soon.