An Overview Of the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance

This informative 2017 booklet contains a wealth of details of GIWA’s many field initiatives, our policy work, programmes, and much, much more. Download this document for a complete overview of our work.


The Global Interfaith WASH Alliance 2015 Annual Report

View our exciting 2015 Year in Review, including our historic Worship for WASH and Women for WASH Summits to meetings with world leaders, huge events and much, much more. Features congratulatory letters from the President and Vice President of India.

GlWA Annual Report Cover

The Global Interfaith WASH Alliance 2014 Annual Report

View our photo-filled Year in Review, and see the exciting first year of the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance: from our launch at UNICEF World Headquarters to meetings with Royalty, Prime Ministers and Presidents to our work in disaster zones, special events, and much more.



Solutions to the Pollution for Mother Ganga and Her Tributaries

This highly-informative, photo-filled study details the many new and innovative solutions for the pollution problems that plague not only the Ganga (Ganges) River and its tributaries, but all rivers everywhere.


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Development with Faith White Paper

GIWA’s compelling White Paper on the intersection of the faith and private sectors in alleviating poverty and realizing the SDG Agenda


GIWA and TERI's Policy Paper on Sustainable Development

Uttarakhand Floods: A Road Map to Green Redevelopment

Our policy paper on the sustainable redevelopment of disaster-torn Uttarakhand, in India’s Himalayas, presented to Uttarakhand’s Hon’ble Chief Minister in the aftermath of the deadly “Himalayan Tsunami” that took thousands of lives, destroying countless villages, homes, businesses and schools.

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The Ganga Grand Plan: For the Sustainable Rejuvenation of the River Ganga

This 20-page GIWA and Ganga Action Parivar paper explores the challenges and solutions to the growing number of problems facing The Ganga, which is the crucial life-line for nearly 500 million people.



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The Yamuna River: Life and Death of a Principal Waterway

This GIWA policy paper looks at the tragic decline and in some places, death, of a river that is the crucial life-line for nearly 60 million people, as well as countless species of plants and wildlife.

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Journey of Peace

This informative publication details the many projects inspired by GIWA co-founder H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati, along with leaders worldwide who are joining in His efforts to ensure a happier, healthier world for all.